Join the Chipper Club

The Chipper Club

The News' Chipper Club is for our younger readers.

Chipper is here on and in The News every Saturday.

Once signed up all of his members become his Chipsters.

By joining the club they'll be able to enter special competitions that no one else can take part in.

Every year on their birthday, their name will appear in The News next to Chipper's cartoon.

Chipsters are invited to send their jokes, stories, pictures and views on what they've been up to and where they've been he'll print them on his page for everyone else to read.

You can become a Chipster if you're 11 or younger and joining is free and really easy.

How to join?

Fill in our online form and we'll do the rest. Complete the online form.

Once you've joined we'll send you your membership pack, which will include your special membership card, Chipper pin badge and Chipper pencil.